Guziala Reed


My name is Guzialia Reed.

I am a self-taught jewelry designer who loves creating one of kind pieces for strong, confident, independent women.

I was born in Kyrgyzstan, lived in Kazakhstan, Japan. Now I reside in Alaska, USA.

I started making jewelry as a hobby, but then decided to put it to another level and challenge my skills in different competitions.  Now I am a participant of many worldwide competitions and have been a contest winner in the United States, published in several magazines. Participating in competitions makes me better, stronger, and more confident.

Most of my pieces appear spontaneously; I never sketch, but have always clear vision in my mind. This gives me amazing chance to change something in case I think it can improve the design. The process of creating any of my pieces takes from one week up to one month. 

My family always supports me in everything I do and mainly all my success belongs to them.