Eye-catching and invigorating, Amber is revered as trusted ornamentation for jewelry. In this mesmerizing and unique piece, hand assembled Amber is  featured alongside Arizona turquoise cabochon, Picasso jasper, Swarovski crystals, vintage copper, and sterling silver plated Japanese beads. This handmade item is a one of a kind statement piece that will captivate both the wearer and their audience. The ornate design maintains a quietly dignity, allowing each semi-precious stone to shine individually. This handcrafted item also includes the matched set of earrings, making it easier than ever to slip it on and go! Makes a great gift for the woman in your life who deserves to be adorned with high quality gems, it is both an artful and decadent piece.
The neck part is 18.5 inches, the size of the pendant with a dangle is 5.5

Amber Necklace